Correction Policy of is honest about errors. We rectify them promptly and clearly. We do not disguise or bury mistakes in subsequent updates or stories.

Readers are invited to contact us via email ( to advise us of any errors or dispute the material presented. We will review all matters raised in correspondence, but we will not be able to reply to all emails noting minor issues or disputing the findings of a check without supplying supporting evidence.

The editorial strives to provide accurate, unbiased reporting at all times. In the event that we make an error, or new information comes to light that changes our understanding of the subject, we will make a correction, a refile or an update.

If a fact check contains a minor error, such as a misspelling, that has no bearing on the understanding of the article, we will issue a refile. An advisory will be placed at the top of the article to explain what has been corrected. The correction will be made in the body of the article.

If we are made aware of additional information that does not contradict the existing information but instead gives further context or explanation of the subject discussed in the fact check, we will issue an update. An advisory line will be placed at the top of the article to explain what has been added. The updated check will appear at the top of the fact check homepage.

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